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History of Computer: Where We Stand Now!!

History of Computer

The history of computer starts with the invention of the abacus that is considered to be the very first computer. It is mentioned that Chinese invented Abacus about 4,000 years ago. It was simply a wooden board that had small metal strips with beads attached to them. They were called, “rubbers” and they worked by rubbing the beads onto the board to form characters.

These boards were commonly used by the Chinese for writing and reading. With time the boards were improved with wax was mixed with cotton. Then things began to change as more advancements were made. TheĀ  development of microchip took place and it was the first time that a machine could store data. This greatly helped in improving the speed and performance of computers. Other improvements such as LED, ROM and CPU made the task easier.

Today there are many different types of computers and they are all developed from the history of these devices. One of the most significant technological advancements is the development of the Internet. During this period, people would use email to communicate and one common way of doing so was by using networks. There was no one specific system but rather computers connected with one another and linked to the Internet to share files and information.

The birth of the World Wide Web was the first time that people began to share information. When it was introduced, it was viewed with skepticism by some people. However as time passed by, it became one of the most popular sites on the internet. This was followed by the evolution of email as the main method of communication. Later on, other technologies such as mobile phones and PDAs gave way to webcams.

Another important event that would form the history of the computer is the development of the computer industry. Before this time, computers were mostly used by government agencies for a very long period of time. However as time passed by, this industry took off and eventually changed the world of technology forever. Millions of people were able to tap into this market which led to the creation of personal computers.

Different use of Computers

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In the years that followed, several new developments occurred with the use of computers. The first desktop computer that was used commercially was called the Enigma. It was created in 1954 and used by the United States Military. At this time, the word processor that was commonly referred to as word com was still in its infancy. The first mass produced computer that was commercially available was the Amiga.

Changes and Innovations

in the history of computer

Since the early days of computers, there have been many major changes and innovations. One of the most significant ones was the development of the Apple computer. This company was formed by two guys who were attending Harvard University at the time. They created the very first application called the Mac OS that paved the way for the future development of Apple computers.

Computers are here to stay. They are now one of the most popular forms of technology on the planet. There have been many changes to the history of computer and its advancements. One can look back into the history of computer and see just how far they have come. One day, they will no longer be considered to be an antique and can instead be seen as a modern-day necessity.

In the early days, computers were fairly simple machines. Early prototypes only worked with words or letters and weren’t capable of doing much. In fact, the very first computers were so poor that they couldn’t even send or receive a fax. Even today, though high-end computers are considered to be quite capable and expensive, they are mostly used by business people to conduct business transactions and store important information on them.

Computers are also very useful in the home world as well. For example, one of the most common uses for a computer is for keeping track of one’s finances. With the invention of the Internet, this has become much easier. If you have a home computer, you can log on to the Internet, check your email, or do any number of things that would otherwise be impossible if you did not have access to a computer in your home. Computers are also widely used for businesses to keep their employees up to date with information and for them to do work on the

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A history of computer would not be complete without the invention of the laptop. This small and portable personal computer has made traveling much more comfortable and convenient for most people. Laptops allow people to do work on the go, access email from anywhere, and also store important documents.

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