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CCTV Cable  : Types of Cable

Product Description

CCTV Cable :- This convenient and simple to use CCTV cable is a must-have for your home or office. It’s designed to enable you to watch TV in HD, as well as access your media through the PC. This stylish accessory can also be used to connect your tablet or smartphone to your TV. Using this cable with a compatible device, you can watch digital channels on both devices at the same time. You are not restricted to just watching on your TV – you can now watch all of your favorite shows on a tablet, phone or laptop and save them online too. You can even adjust the picture and sound quality once the cable box is connected via an HDMI port or USB port through the back of your TV. The cable box also comes with a remote control so you can save time by having full control of your device while still enjoying it completely hands free.


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