Cctv Sound and Mic

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CCTV Camera

Small, light, and fully functional in design. A good CCTV camera is essential for all business owners, the camera is designed to be strong and durable to ensure the protection of the business and are used for recording and monitoring.

Product Description

CCTV Sound and MIC Specifications:

  • The specifications of these cameras are very unique.
  • They are very easy to install and use and mostly can be used as a part of security system in various places including the homes, offices, streets etc.
    The video recording system is the best feature of these cameras.
  • The video recording comes with excellent quality and you can see the clarity in the video which is captured by these cctv cameras.
  • After installing the cctv camera, you can make out a person or a vehicle coming towards you, your home or anywhere around your home using the sound to see if it is genuine or not.
  • For this purpose you can use some sort of speaker or headphone which has mic plug along with it so that you can hear the sound coming from the other side without opening the door to see who is there.

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