D Link Router - Wireless network of your choice

D Link Router

D Link Router

D Link Router is the Wireless router that is built to provide faster and Internet connection.

Product Description

D Link Router

A safe and dependable router that is ideal for home or business use.

D Link Router Features

  • D Link router RangeBooster G Wireless N USB Adapter (CAT 6) for Desktop allows you to connect to your wireless network at high speeds.
  • This D-Link Wireless USB adapter is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and any IEEE 802.11g/b wireless device.
  • The D-Link RangeBooster N 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (CAT 5) makes it easy to share high-speed Internet access with other computers in your home or office on an IEEE 802.11b/g network.
  • The compact design of the D-Link RangeBooster N 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (CAT 5) allows you to comfortably place it anywhere in your home or office without having to sacrifice too much space on

D Link Router Benefits

  • Easily connect your computer and other devices with this D link router.
  • The D link router has an easy-to-use interface that helps you stay on top of your network and work with other devices.
  • Increased efficiency and security.
  • This router is great for networking small businesses, homes, and offices.
  • The advanced capabilities offer great flexibility.


D Link router  is protected by a one-year warranty.

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