Lapcare Usb Mouse

Lapcare usb mouse

Lapcare USB Mouse

Is a brand new product from a well known brand which guarantees quality at an affordable price. It is being lauded by users as the best mouse designed by any manufacturer.

Product Description

LapCare USB Mouse

Lapcare USB Mouse is designed for comfortable and efficient computing where users can:

-Control computer, Internet and multimedia programs with ease.
-Pair with PC, Mac or Laptop to provide the full functionality of the mouse.
-Multimedia functions such as play/pause, skip, fast forward, rewind and volume adjustment are supported by the mouse.
-Offers comfortable ergonomic design for long-term use.

Lapcare USB Mouse Product Features

-Color: Black
-The mouse comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that offers up to 4 months of continuous usage on a single charge.
The battery is easily charged by connecting the mouse to any standard USB port. It features a 3ft (1m) cable that conveniently connects the mouse to your computer or laptop. The mouse also features an adjustable tilt wheel that lets you adjust the angle of the wheel to suit your preferences.

Product Also Includes :

1x USB Mouse

Other Features of Lapcare USB Mouse

This USB Lap Mouse features a FAST connects nano receiver for the ultimate in connectivity. The mouse has the ability to work up to 7 feet from a PC. The mouse is compatible with any PC or Mac. The built-in nano receiver makes it so easy to install and connect. This mouse is 100% compatible with all windows operating systems. With the free Lapcare software, you can customize your mouse to your own personal preferences. You can even create macros to easily move and click around the screen. Made of high-quality material, it is durable and long lasting. It also has a long battery life! This USB Lap Mouse is perfect for anyone looking for a quality lapmouse that differs in design from other competitors.

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