What is a Computer System? Define Computer

Introduction to what is a Computer System?

The term “what is a computer system?” can be a tricky question to answer for those of us who aren’t technologically inclined.


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Computer System – Desktop

Define – Computer System

Computer System is the electronic machine that simply takes the data as input, performs some operations on it, and provides us the result in form of output. The operations that the computer system performs on data name as instructions given to it.

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In the above diagram, we can see the computer system is the integration of various components that works together to give the right output.

As we can see the different devices connected to computer systems like an input device, output.

Different components of computer systems:

Below are the different components of computer systems:

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Firmware
  4. Humanware
  5. Bridgeware

Computer software :

computer system

Computer software only functions when a hardware component is linked with it. The commands given by the user are performed by computer software. It simply controls the operation sequence to be performed.

Computer Hardware:

Computer hardware typically includes all of the components of a personal computer, including the central processing unit (CPU), computer memory, hard drive, random access memory (RAM), processor, video card, motherboard, and the like.

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