What is an Operating System And Its Types?

What is an Operating System (OS)?

Operating system refers to a set of programs that controls hardware resources of a personal computer such as input/output devices and gives collective support to the whole user. Each type of Operating Systems has been designed for a particular purpose. There are many variants of operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc., which can be used with any of the mentioned computers.

Every Computer System needs an operating system for performing its tasks efficiently. It controls the basic unit of the computer, which is the microprocessor. The microprocessor controls the hardware and operates in conjunction with the computer memory, caches, control chips, boot devices, hardware devices and software. This enables the computer to function smoothly by combining all these hardware components together. Different operating systems are available for different purposes and they work on different processor types.

Operating System – Types

what is an operating systems – Types of Operating systems?

There are two types of operating systems namely the fixed and the time-sharing operating systems. Fixed operating systems are usually single-user CPU with fixed memory, CPU cycles and hard disk access speed. Time-sharing operating systems are multi-user CPU operating systems and they can be in parallel, single-user or a combination of both.

It also controls the hardware devices like hard disk, printer, modem, serial port, video card, sound card and the operating system bus. Hard disk drives are used for data storage and to assist in device communication. Video card stores graphical image and helps in device communication and audio card converts sound for output and input.

The applications distributed with the OS help in executing instructions contained with the software. Different operating systems have different sets of tools to assist in the data processing. They provide different sets of facilities to make up for differences in hardware and software. Components associated with an operating system like debugging facility, control terminal, memory manager, boot manager, maintenance manager, networking device driver and many more.

Importance of Operating SystemĀ 

what is an operating systems – Importance of Operating systems

Operating systems are important for any type of computer hardware and software because, without them, the computers will not function properly. A malfunction in an operating system leads to a dead computer and if the operating system is corrupt or damaged then the computer will not function properly. There are new developments in computer hardware and software that has resulted in many new features being added to it. Some of these features include better security features, enhanced network traffic management and better memory management and access.

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